Silver Pen Writing Contest

The Silver Pen Writing Contest is an annual event open to fourth graders. Students are given a topic on which to write a paper. Each classroom teacher picks the top paper from the classroom and these are submitted to Kiwanis representatives. The representatives then pick the top selection for each school.

All the participants receive a certificate. The top five students per class receive a silver pen. The student with the top selection for the school receives a plaque and gift card to show the Kiwanis club appreciation for their hard work.

The writing of the papers takes place in the middle of February and the winner for each school presents their paper to the Jonquil City Smyrna Kiwanis club at the end of March.

Students from the following schools have participated:

  • Smyrna Elementary
  • International Academy of Smyrna
  • Whitefield Academy
  • King Springs Elementary
  • Green Acres Elementary
  • Belmont Hills Elementary
  • Fair Oaks Elementary

Information about the 2022 school selections was published in The Bright Side – Smyrna newspaper.